Rosi Tsvetanova

Great performance and professionalism is what comes to mind when I think of Georgi. I had the pleasure to work with him for a project during which Georgi and his team showed outstanding skills and dedication. I was very impressed with the way he was managing all processes and the ease of communication with him. And of course, his expertise was essential. Georgi is an important asset to any organization and he definitely earns my highest recommendation.

Dario Martinis

For me, working with Georgi and his company was an excellentexperience. Everything has been delivered with a high degree ofprofessionalism and courtesy. I would recommend it to anyone inneed of this type of service, including my friends and clients.

Vanya Ananieva

Georgi is a man of honor, a professional at his best, the bestmatch one can get in business perspective. He has succeeded toestablish a business model, that not only gives opportunities, butmakes companies grow and flourish. I highly recommend him, forhe can meet all your expectations!

Hristo Shomov

An outstanding manager is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Georgi. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing him for about an year, during which I have seen him how he manages the sales process in his company. Above all, I was impressed with Georgi’s ability to adjust his sales strategies according to the scale and markets. And, of course, his ability to always be at the right place at the right time to help. Georgi’s expertise would be a true asset for general management and sales and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Ivan Kroussachki

If I have to describe Georgi with only a few words, I would use these – highly organized, focused and ambitious. We know each other through a group of friends and colleagues, where we occasionally meet for almost a year now. When you talk about business with him you would definitely notice the high degree of organization, extreme focus on the quality of the processes in his company and the strong desire to maintain the outstanding results. Georgi is an open-minded person who is always curious about how to improve himself and his work. I believe his participation in any project or business could be a huge asset due to his extensive experience, focus and organization skills!

Todor Vasilev

We were very lucky to come accross Gerogi and his team! They did an excellent job by helping us to be successfully approved for Google AdGrants. Georgi’s ability to easly structure the whole application process and then to go through it fluently, made us feel like we are in very good hands. Furthermore, he is very trustworthy, open-minded and takes every challange with smile and positive attitude! Therefore, I would highly recommend Gerogi and his team! You can be absolutely sure that you would have the best expert in this field!

Raycho Raychev

I recommend working with Georgi. He has been quite helpful andcooperative on drafting our educational program online plan forSEO. Furthermore, Georgi has great experience with Google AdsGrants. He delivered what he promised and this was a good proofof his credibility.

Radoslav Zankov

I worked with Georgi on my AdGrants project and I have to saythat together with his team they did a great job. He is extremelyprepared and educated young entrepreneur, so working with himis really a pleasure. Thank you, Georgi!

Georgi Nenov

The thing that comes to my mind when I think of Georgi is the word „process“. You can rarely find someone so structured in his approach to work, and life. It simply amazing. I met him in a Mastermind group that I am a moderator of and I immediately liked him for the attitude, knowledge, and humbleness. A few months later I invited him to my podcast where he shared with my audience a lot of gold nuggets about creating a prototype, MVP, and other fundamentals when creating a new product/business. It was off the charts useful. Nowadays, he is the person to turn to when I have an idea or even a business opportunity. He always has a very special standpoint due to his experience and specific approach. Having such a person around you is valuable beyond words. Therefore, I highly recommend Georgi as a person to work with.

Lyubomir Kabakchiev

First of all, I was impressed with Georgi’s ability for business planning and thinking beyond the limits, but he is also consistent and very organized person. Seriously, I don’t know a person more organized and consistent then him. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Georgi for more than 2 years, during which we had many projects together on marketing field and especially Google Ad Grants projects. We’ve been working for Ad Grants projects to our clients all over the world and what I can confirm is not only that the clients are satisfied with the results of getting 10K$ from Google but they also have gratitude about the knowledge they received by Georgi’s team. I would recommend him anytime as a professional person to work with. Georgi’s expertise would be a true asset for every organization and it comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Nikola Raykov

Strongly recommended! Georgi and his team are outstandingprofessionals. I had the pleasure to work with them on Google AdGrants project and they really impressed me with everything theydid. You will not be disappointed – I promise you!